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Dr. Angela Batista

The  Transformation by Design Coach
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A native of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Angela Batista grew up in Brooklyn, New York. A first-generation college student and professional, she is an experienced and successful educator, leader and the former Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion at various U.S. colleges and universities. She founded Transformation by Design as an international executive coaching, speaking, and consulting firm providing expertise and customized resources and services to individuals, teams, and organizations in higher education, healthcare, the private and non-profit sectors. She is experienced working with leaders, teams, and organizations at all stages of their leadership journey and offers decades of service and proven expertise.

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"Angela Batista leverages her many years of experience, her passion and her deep understanding of complex organizational issues to support presidents, senior leaders and DEI professionals in their leadership journey. For more than thirteen years, Angela has been a trusted thinking partner and someone who has helped to enhance my decision-making by inspiring and supporting me. She is a living example of authentic and courageous leadership and has an excellent grasp of the issues, challenges and opportunities faced by presidents and CEOs, vice presidents and other senior leaders. I highly recommend Angela's coaching and consulting, especially for leaders and organizations working to advance issues of equity and social justice."

Shirley M. Collado, President CEO of College Track and President Emerita of Ithaca College

"Dr. Angela Batista is a courageous leader who demonstrated courage time and time again as she championed the cause of DEI at Champlain College. As a white leader, I appreciated Angela's deep understanding of complex issues and her willingness to challenge leaders of privilege (myself included). I saw Angela's courage and compassion in action as she worked to educate a room full of (largely white) board members on the importance of board leadership on issues of DEI. I also saw her wade into difficult conversations with faculty and students during emotionally charged times. Behind the scenes, Angela served as a trusted, honest adviser. I learned so much from her and am grateful for our time together. She helped make me be a better leader, especially in deepening my understanding of how to lead an institution to be more inclusive and equitable."

Don Laackman, Chief Program Officer & Interim CEO, Heartland Alliance; Former President Champlain College

"Angela is a phenomenal coach! She has a keen ability to intuitively inspire and motivate through an authentic, committed, and patient approach. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise facilitates her understanding and support of individuals and teams from all backgrounds and makes her an excellent and transformative consultant. Angela is dedicated to assisting senior leaders and teams to expand their own awareness and knowledge of self (personally and professionally)...Equally exciting about Angela, is her national reputation of keeping teams focused on institutional mission and purpose—student success. She is courageous, bold, innovative, brilliant, collaborative, and kind.  Angela is a practical voice of reason and I respect and trust in her ability to help me and others lead successfully during these challenging and ever-changing times in higher education." 

Ronald S. Rochon, President, University of Southern Indiana

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